Are disabled badge holders causing a problem in Wimborne?

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By DomCar | Monday, February 27, 2012, 09:43

A couple of weeks ago I read a letter to the editor in the Echo from Mike Greenland of Wimborne who was concerned that disabled badge holders were making the congestion in Wimborne town centre worse by parking inconsiderately. He said, "Having such a badge gives privileges, a degree of common sense and consideration to others should be shown as well."

When I read the letter I didn't really think anything of it, but when I went into Wimborne the next day I saw the problem for myself first hand. A disabled badge holder had parked their car on the High Street just up from Gullivers Books and a bus that came around the corner from the Square couldn't get past. The bus driver had to wait nearly fifteen minutes for the disabled driver to return to their car while traffic was queuing all the way back to the Square. Just a little common sense from the disabled driver would have prevented this and the bus then wouldn't have been behind schedule.

Suzanne Olive who holds a disabled badge says, "Sometimes this happens when people park on yellow lines using their badge and don't take into account that if on a corner buses, and more so emergency vehicles, can't get through easily. Unfortunately badge holders are very often restricted with their parking due to spaces being taken up by people who use them whom are not badge holders and use them just cause its either raining or they are only going to be there for a short time, yet they are fully able to use a normal space."

I have nothing against disabled badge holders, but as Mike says some of these drivers need to show common sense when parking. It should be quite obvious that you don't park tight on a sharp bend of a narrow road, or anywhere you might block traffic. Please have a little consideration for other road users.



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    It would also help if those able bodied people who park in disabled bays have their cars towed, then badge holders wouldn't have to park in awkward places.

    By McAngry at 09:37 on 15/03/12

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    I think the stretch of the High Street by Gullivers is the worst area for offenders in the town. If a badge holder stops there how do they expect a bus to be able negotiate the corner? Common sense is severely lacking.

    By DomCar at 09:41 on 14/03/12

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    I have also noticed trouble where the new bus stop is opposite the new wetherspoons, I have noticed badge holders park on the double yellows there, making it hard for a second bus to swing out from behind a resting bus, I have also noticed that the corner by gullivers book shop is really popular with badge holders, and it is extremely inconsiderate of those drivers to park in this manner. It is dangerous!

    What really niggles me is that there are blue badge holders and regular drivers doing this and also using bus stops as a place to park, I once observed a blue badge holder's car in a bus stop for over half an hour while they went into costa coffee to sit and drink coffee and read a paper! (this was when the bus stop outside the jewellers/barclays was open, they had parked in a manner that meant the bus could not swing round to get to the bus stop!

    And what is being done to stop them from parking like this?

    Nothing that I can see!

    By Startru at 22:49 on 13/03/12

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    Should badge holders also only be allowed to use them if they have the person who is disabled in the car with them at the time?

    By DomCar at 09:30 on 12/03/12

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    The holders need to remember that they are not exempt from causing unnecessary obstruction and restricting the flow of traffic, this is a concession not a right. When the square is finished it should be fun as the space is restricted. I bet it is less than a week before the buses are halted due to inconsiderate parking by a blue badge holder. The idea is great and a help for those with mobility issues but is frequently abused.

    By frankiep at 09:00 on 08/03/12

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