Dean Court Estate Gets Short Changed On Licensing

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By DomCar | Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 12:17

Dean Court’s licensing hearing doesn’t go as planned.

At the beginning of the month Sir William Hanham went to court to get his existing entertainment licence extended only to be granted an extra six weekend weddings a year. Last year Sir William threatened to sell off land in the town if he didn’t get the licensing he was applying for. The town landmarks that were under threat included Wimborne Model Village, Victoria Hospital, and Wimborne Town Football Club’s ground. Now Sir William’s licensing hopes have been dashed will he carry out his threat and sell valuable town land?

I’m hoping an extra six weekend weddings and permission for guests of the estates two large yearly events, such as the nationally renowned Feast Of Dorset, to camp on site will be enough for Sir William to forget about selling off further land to raise money. It would be a great shame if we lost any of that land to developers or a national chain of stores, as we did with the cricket pitch when Waitrose bought it.

I ask Sir William to think of the future of our town. Does he really want to make it as commercial as other towns throughout the country that have lost their identities to national chain stores, losing their individuality in the process? I don’t want to live in a bland, unremarkable town…do you?



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    Anyone with even a basic understanding of the history of Wimborne will know that for the past 900 years buildings have been built on any land that was available, trade and traders have ebbed and flowed and the people have even been allowed to enjoy themselves occasionally, with and without spectators on high horses passing judgement. Look at a couple of maps of Wimborne from times past and you can see it, I'm proud to live in a town that both values its heritage and embraces and makes the most of change - just like our ancestors did. I expect there were a few grumblers who moaned about The Minster being built on that nice bit of green land, but where would be as a town today if they had got their way and it had never been built?

    By minty20 at 19:59 on 16/04/11

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    As Mr Bobly says a threat is a threat...and as for NIMBY...some people just care for things...nothing wrong with that!Wimborne should have been preserved as a lovely coutry market town..too late for that..but no need to make it worse.....look at Boscombe..that used to be a nice place!But as usual the people with the money have the final say!I for 1 am not against the Hanhams as people..and am not against them having a licence,but people that threaten to 'do this & that' at their own whims are to be viewed with caution...even if they seem 'nice' at face value!Just my point of view if you dont agree I cant help that...and I am not a vastly unfair person..just a true Wimborne (practically in the square!)born & bred person whos family have deep roots here!

    By rainbowr at 14:32 on 16/04/11

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    A threat is a threat, thinly veiled or not. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean it isn't so.

    By MrBobBobly at 13:27 on 13/04/11

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    "He would HAVE to consider selling off land in order to fund the much needed upkeep of Deans Court," is still a threat even if it is just hinted at. I simply reported what was said and the outcome of the entertainment licence hearing, hardly, 'vastly unfair.' The selling of the Cricket Pitch is something that still strongly divides the town, for and against in equal measure, and is an issue I'm sure will rage on long after the public inquiry. As for Sir William himself I have never met him, but I'm sure he would endear himself more to the people of this town if he didn't publicly announce he would have to consider selling off parts of the town to make money.

    By DomCar at 13:25 on 13/04/11

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    Vastly unfair comment by the poster above. Sir William's actual comment was more along the lines of he would HAVE to consider selling off land in order to fund the much needed upkeep of Deans Court. Yet again the Wimborne NIMBY brigade - Poole Road branch this time, as opposed to Atlay's mob who don't even live here - are not thinking logically. The licensing request was not to run endless parties but to allow the venue to compete as a wedding venue etc. Give the man a break -he's a decent, nice guy as anyone who's talked to him will agree.

    By wimbornelad at 22:51 on 06/04/11

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